Board Members

Chairman of the Board
Eliot Lee, M.A., R.T. (R)
10 Godley Park Way, Savannah, GA 31407
C# 912-541-2595
Anna M. Tollison, R.T. (R)
507 Laurens Dr., Anderson, SC
C# 864-221-5408
Nadine Wilson, M.A., H.S.M.F., R.T. (R)
Fran Andrews, M.A. Ed., R.T.(R)
127 Boone Lane, Swansea, SC 29160
W# 803-535-1356, H# 803-926-8840
Samantha Hermes, R.T. (R)
18 Timberleaf Court, Charleston, SC 29407
 H# 724-809-6463
 Members at Large:
Brandi Hall, R.T. (R)
Allison Lake, A.A.S., R.T. (R)
Student Member at Large:
Jilandre Scott, Trident Technical College
 Executive Secretary:
Stacey Sellers, M.H.A., R.T. (R) (CT)